The Do's And Don’ts Of College Day Drinking

While there are many reasons to justify day drinking in college, usually the fact that the sun is shining is more than enough. So with the start of a new semester, here's a refresher course on the dos and don'ts of partaking in an all day drink-a-thon. Are you ready?


Do: Stay Hydrated


Drink loads of water. This is a general rule of thumb. Whether you're setting up camp for a music festival, or just having a few cans on the green, make sure you’re sipping on more than just beer. Alternate an alcoholic drink with water and you'll feel much, much better the next day.



Don’t: Forget to Eat


Don't skip out on breakfast. Think Hunger Games. Survival of the fittest. You’re going to need protein and carbs to get you through this drinking marathon alive. So fuel up on plenty of hangover-battling foods and please, do not follow the ill-advised 'eating is cheating' mantra.


Do: Freshen Up



So you've been boozing since brunch? Bottomless mimosas might have you feeling like Beyoncé, but looking a lot more like Britney circa 2007. Girls, don’t dump your entire bathroom sink into your handbag. Pack some oil blotting papers. They’ll remove that dirt and oil build up without wiping off all of your makeup. Looking fresh!


Don’t: Take Naps


Ah sure, there’s nothing better than a lazy afternoon nap. But if you’re planning on continuing your drinking streak well into the night, then don't admit defeat just yet. Taking a nap during a day drink will result in one of two things: 1) You’ll wake up feeling hazy and semi-hungover. 2) You’ll sleep the day away and find yourself eating a pizza alone while scrolling through Instagram with a major case of FOMO. Don’t let this happen to you, be strong.



Do: Drink Coffee or Energy Drinks


The biggest drawback to the celebratory nature of day drinking is not having enough energy to keep the party going. Don’t give up. Caffeine is your best friend. Boost your energy levels with a coffee or an energy drink and you'll be wide awake and ready to party.


Don’t: Do Beer Bong at 8am



Remember, it's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep the steady stream of alcohol flowing, but hold off on the heavy drinking for now. If you want to make it past noon then you should probably lay off that bottle of tequila too....


Do: Pub Crawl


Blessed are the pubs that embrace the day drinking revolution. There’s a Rugby match on? Take advantage of all those early drink specials that you can actually afford to sip in relative peace. Hop from pub to pub and soak up the game day atmosphere and hopefully a bit of sun too.




Don’t: Forget to Bring Cash


ATM lines? Nobody has time for that. Make sure you have cash on hand, if not for more beer than perhaps for a taxi home or some deliciously greasy food.


Do: Charge Your Phone



There’s nothing worse than losing your drinking buddy in a crowded pub before realizing your phone decided to die at 32% battery. Play it safe and keep it charged up and ready to go.


Don’t: Forget Sunscreen


The last thing you want is to wake up with a full body burn on top of your hangover. If you plan on spending the day catching some rays with a cold beverage in hand, remember to layer on the SPF and stay out of the sun during the hottest time of the day.


Do: Wear Comfortable Shoes


When it comes to choosing shoes for day drinking festivities, you need to think practical.  A bad blister can ruin your whole day. Slip on a pair of soles that are broken-in and can take a beer spill or two. After all, who even has time to be worrying about something as mundane as your feet when there's day celebrating to be done?!

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