The Emotional Cycle Of A Girl Getting Ready For A Night Out

Getting ready for a night out can go one of two ways. You will freak out and cry because you hate your outfit or be too rushed to freak out and then flip at pre drinks. When a girl thinks they look rotten on a night out I can assure you, here and now, they will get outrageously pissed or go home after 10 minutes of being in the club. Vain - I know, but, that is just the way it is my CT readers. Here it is - the list of all lists - The Emotional Cycle Of A Girl Getting Ready For A Night Out.

1) "Ughhhhhhhh, it's 5 o'clock. Two hours until I have to start getting ready. I should really wash my hair. Nahhh I don't need to wash my hair I'll chill here for two hours then I'll start."
2) "Oh God I hate the Kardashians"

3) "Why aren't I a Kardashian???"

4) "Okay time to get ready!"
5) "I'll start brushing my hair - Oh shit it is so greasy! Why didn't I have a shower!"
6) "I'll get the dry shampoo....where is it?...ah whatever I'll get the talcon powder"


8) "Okay I need to calm down...I'll get the scissors and cut it open. There will be something in it!"

9) "I now look like i have grey hair...whatever..moving on"

10) "Ah shit...I forgot to do my bloody tan..time for some Sun Shimmer"

11) "MAKE UPP TIMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE (sang in a loud out of tune vocal)"
12) "Let's plug in the iPod and select 'Getting Ready' playlist..yeah not my first time ladies"
13) "I've got a pocket got a pocket full of sunshine...oh....oh oh oh"

14) "Moisturize, primer and foundation pleaseeeee"

15) "Going to put on as much foundation as humanly possible" 
16) "Eye makeup...let me put on a tutorial..."Angelina Jolie eyeshadow"..there we go...ah shit"
17) "Look nothing like her but what can you do...(phone rings)...I can't talk"
18) "Ohhhh what's on the telly, I'll just sit down till the next break...(half an hour later) FUCKKKKK"

19) "I love this white is covered in tan...where is my top? MUM WHERE IS MY TOP?"
19) "My lift is on the way crap, crap, CRAP"

20) "Yeah I'll be down in a sec..(15 minutes later)...sorry two secs..."

21) "I.D, makeup, phone, money, card...DRINK"
22) "Oh I look like shit... (pouts in mirror)..whatever"
23) "I can't walk in these heels why do I wear them? Whyyy?"
24) "(arrive at pre drinks) Ugh don't look at me I look like absolute shit"

24) "(1 hour later while intoxicated) I look amazing! Going to get the shift tonight....YEAHHHHHH"
Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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