The Next Morning And Still Nothing...The Emotional Cycle Of Waiting For A Text.

Sometimes you go out and you strike gold with a person, after a number is taken emotions run high, waiting for a text can be tough!

You're pre drinking with your friends, all ready for a good Saturday night out

You're feeling great as you head out, your bones sense it's gona be a good one

You skip on into the club and head for the bar


All of a sudden you lock eyes, across the room

You start chatting with him and everything else is drowned out by the sparks flying

You have a cheeky kiss at the end of the night and both get dragged out by your separate friends


Just before he leaves he takes out his phone and asks for your number

You go home, make yourself a sandwich and wait for the goodnight text

The next morning, still no text


You look at your phone every two minutes 'just to check the time'

Your phone beeps, your heart stops

By Thursday you've lost hope..

Friday morning you wake up and he's texted...



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