The Gentlemanly Traits That Will Get You The Girl

Being a gentleman is important when you are in the company of a lady. Being a gentleman when you are on a date means showing a woman that you are attentive, respectful and well-mannered (even if you actually aren't). We should all strive to be gentlemen at all times; however, many men today shy away from it. Here are some tips that can show you how to be a true gentleman and possibly double the amount of women you meet.


A gentleman holds the door for a woman

Holding the door for woman makes her feel respected and reflects well on you as a person. Do not race your date to get to the door first as this appears insincere.


 A gentleman pulls a chair out for a woman

You should ensure that your date sits down before you do. Doing such is a mark of respect, good manners and shows that you care about making her feel comfortable.



A gentleman turns his phone off during the date

When you are on a date, your date should be made to feel like she is the most important person in the world to you at that moment. One of the rudest things you can do is to take a phone call in the middle of your date. Answering your phone on a date means that your date cannot interact in the conversation and is left sitting uncomfortable, waiting for you to finish. Remember to switch your phone off and reply to any missed calls after the date is over.



A gentleman avoids using profanity

You should focus on being articulate and being capable of expressing yourself without cursing. Avoiding profanity in your conversations on dates shows that you have high standards for yourself, you respect people around you and indicates that you are intelligent. On the same note, avoid using overly long words that are difficult to understand and can make you look foolish.

A gentleman walks his date to her doorstep

Walking a lady to her doorstep is an extremely important component of gentlemanly conduct at the end of the date. A woman will feel safer at the end of the evening if she knows she will be accompanied right to her front door; however, never force anything or expect anything to happen--it is her prerogative to decide whether anything happens at the doorstep.

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