The Pros And Cons of Beards

...There are no cons

Beards are not just for movember, they're for life. A Beard splits opinion for many girls- love them or hate them you can't deny the instant style a beard gives a guy.  Here's every possible pro to being a bearded guy. #ThereAreNoCons

1) Grooming

Grooming- maintaining a beard is not like shaving- it takes time and effort. The right length beard is a continuos process of shaving, trimming and taming an unruly mane of facial hair. A man who has the patience to grow a beard probably has the patience to deal with your shit .

2) Naturally Majestic Looking

So along with being wise, the bearded man also rather majestic looking. All he has to do is gaze into the distance and suddenly he is becomes a wise noble creature.


3) He is as wise as shit

If you see a guy stroking his beard/spirit animal you can probably believe he knows lots of wild interesting facts. Beardiness=instant wisdom.

4) One hell of a stylish face accessory

Lets face it men don't have much to style in their lives- nails and hair to mostly take care of themselves whereas a good beard alters a mans entire look and becomes another accessory. Look at all the possible variations.. Endless I tell you.



5)  Scratchiness. Get.Over.It.

Girls often complain of beards scratching their face. Really? Ladies let me disprove this argument with an example. Exhibit A,B or C. Now tell me - if you had a choice between these 3 options would you forfeit the scratchiness? Yeah, I thought so.

6) Baby Face No More


Nothing makes a guy look older or more defined then a good beard. Don't shave it- nobody wants a baby face.

7) He actually looks cool with a pipe

The only kind of guy who can pull off a pipe. In fact most beardy guys look like they should probably own a pipe. Get one.

 8) Beards- they change everything.


9) Instant hipster credentials

Just add wayfarers and mustache twist..


10) A bearded guy is his own boss


Why do Mum's hate beards so much? A bearded guy bows to nobody including his own mammy.

11) Possibly has an interesting job

The corporate world is not a fan of the facial hairiness - So if this guy is sporting a full on Chet Faker there's a chance he has an interesting job. Even if he's a puppeteer or barista you can bet he's a fucking cool puppeteer or barista.

12) Instant Manliness


No shaving needed.

13) Commitment

Its not easy to grow one , this guy knows it takes time. You've got to admire that commitment.

14) There's a chance he's a wizard.

Come on, you were all thinking it..


Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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