20 Things That Will Make Poor College Students Say "I Do That"

20 Things That Will Make Poor College Students Say "I Do That"

Being a poor college student has its downsides but for the most part, you just do what you can. As they say, when the going gets tough...! We have decided to honour our college compadres who are out there fighting the good fight every day but showing the world just what they gots ta do day in, day out:

1. Drink Aldi's Galahad

Sure, it tastes like throw-up but it's so cheap #galalads

2. €5 McDonald's meal deal

It's as easy as flashing your student card

3. Bringing naggins into clubs


Ain't nobody got time for buying drinks at the bar. But the bartenders are definitely on to you.

4. Minimum five goujons

DCU tried to take the goujons away but as every poor college student knows, no one can take away your spirit.

5. Babylon 3-in-1


Is there anything better after a night at Coppers than getting a cheeky 3 in 1 from Babylon?

6. Free pens

There are two types of people in this world: people who take free pens and liars.

7. Free pizza at society meetings


There's only one reason you're here and it's not to find out the calendar dates.

8. When your debit card is approved

It was a nervous few seconds there.

9. Being a haircut model

It doesn't always go so well.


10. Mouldy after session

Slipping and sliding.

11. Drink deals anywhere

You see a sign and you're in.


12. Naggins for under €6

I applaud this.

13. Chicken fillet roll deals

Give me chicken fillet rolls or give me death.

14. Tola kilo vintage sale


Is there any better way to stock up ye summer wardrobe?

15. When the bus driver says the Leap card machine is broken

You have saved my life.

16. When your mammy gives you a lift to college


I love you thank you.

17. Finishing leftover pints in the smoking area

We're not ashamed to say it - we've all done it.

18. Taking rolls of toilet paper from the campus bathrooms

It's technically free.


19. €5 Ryanair sales

Even if the only cheap place is Newcastle.

20. Robbing food from your gaff

I don't really care about seeing you mam, I just need some food.

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