Things UCD Students Will Only Understand

UCD is a glorious place full of dreams, hopes and many famous alumni. Where the lake is picturesque and the library is jam packed. Whether you love it or hate it, you still know things that no one else will understand. Things that students of another college, let's face it, just wouldn't get. So, UCD students you may feel unappreciated and that this essay is ruining you life. But, not to worry, I am here to cheer you up with Things UCD Students Will Only Understand.

1) Parking is a nightmare

And, if you don't get one regardless of how manic the day ahead is you will be driving home and getting straight back into bed.

Unless you are ballsy enough to do this...

2) Programme Offices are never open and if they are there is a mile long queue


If there not open when I need them, or there's a long queue, how do you expect me to substitute my grades or check my credits.

3) Our ski trip is overshadowed

We know who's ski trip is better. We have been on the other ski trip for the last two years. No arguments there. We know we failed on this one.

4) UCD Ball is our time to shine


Let's hope it's back in the field this year.

5) Credits are a nightmare

They ruin peoples lives...seriously.

6) If you have a class in Newman and the next one is in Roebuck...RUN


UCD has one of the biggest campuses in Europe. So, if you have to go from one side to the other, you better bring your running shoes.

7) There will always be a clique in B&L and Commerce

Insiders will love the clique. Outsiders will loath it. Circle of life really.

8) Unless you're involved in ENTs you only care about it when you want something


Sorry, ENTs. But this is true.

9) Libro cop puts up with shit from no one and everyone dislikes and fears him

10) James Joyce library is a place to see everyone you have ever met


11) Health Science library is for those who really want to study

12) You either have taken out every book possible from the library...

or have never taken a book out at all...


13) Sour skittles are in short supply

There is rage and fury when these sell out. It doesn't matter how often this has happened to you, you will be equally surprised everytime.

14) The "Before I die I want to..." board can be very amusing

15) When in doubt just think: "Father Ted used to go here"


16) The swans are demons

17) If you jump in the lake you have to get a tetanus shot

18) When it's sunny we all flock to the lake


19) A man once jumped into the UCD lake for no reason at all

20) Seats at lunchtime are like gold dust


21) The homeless man gets free lunch and soup everyday

Thanks to him saving a student who was attacked walking through UCD one evening, the homeless man in UCD is taken care of everyday.

22) If you fall down the stairs in theatre L you must flea UCD forever


23) If you fall down the stairs at graduation you should flee Ireland forever

24) Only true student savers know where the second hand bookstore is

25) All Ag Science students are farmers (they're really not)

26) Leaving a lecture hall early takes a lot of balls

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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