Things You Will Only Understand If You're In An Orchestra

Being part of an orchestra is like being part of an extended family and everyone know that those who play together stay together. If you're in an orchestra you know that it always can come with as many cons as it does pros and these are some of the problems that you will only understand if you've been in an orchestra.

1) Getting used to the fact that first violins getting most of the glory

Everyone knows who the popular kids are in the orchestra- and the even with the string section usually rocking it - it's always the first violins that will get most of the glory.

 2) Playing in a time signature you hate

A fine line indeed.


3) Being in the middle of practice and literally having no idea what the hell is going on

Where are we?

4) Waiting all day for the one beat...


And they miss it..

5) That One Asshole...

Who thinks its okay to practice while everyone else is attempting to tune up.


6) Actually being excited about different orchestration techniques

Canons? Bells?

7) Wondering if you're conductor is just making shit up

You know you sometimes wonder..


8) Dedication and more dedication

Early saturday practices and late nights..

9) Getting that one piece where you get to shine

Oh yeahhhh listen to me play bitches


11) Orchestra Romance

There are always two who are sneaking off together..

12) Messing around with each others instruments

You've all done it..


13) Losing you music and needing someone to blame


14) When you need to cough in the middle of a concerto..

Worst. Thing. Ever.


15) Or going to the bathroom during a four movement symphony

When you try to concentrate on the music's pulse and not your pulsing bladder..

16) Using your glasses at every practise and then realising that you forgot them for the actual concert

Oh shhhhhhit


17) Breaking a string

Well thats me done. 

18) Finally getting to play the piece that you've been waiting for through the entire concert

This is your time to shine


Therese Walsh
Article written by
Therese Walsh is a recent graduate of University College Dublin with the entirely employable degree of English and music. She enjoys the facts on the inside of snapple caps and writing mini biographies.

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