This Cheap Kitchen Cupboard Staple Is The Secret To Shiny Hair

Of course we're thrilled that summer is here at long, long last, but chlorine, salt water and sun can all wreak havoc with our hair leaving it brittle and frizzy. So what's a gal to do? The answer lies with this kitchen staple: Apple cider vinegar. ACV has been a hairstyling favorite for years because of its pH level, which closely mimics the natural pH of hair. Rinsing the hair with vinegar closes the cuticles and protects the internal structure of every strand. It also reflects light and prevents tangles.


So how do you go about a DIY vinegar rinse? Well the recipe is actually incredibly easy. Just add two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar to a glass of water and apply to the hair. If you like you can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil. Make sure the vinegar is diluted in at least an ounce of water.



How often should you do a rinse? One a week or several times a week if you have very oily hair. It can even be used as a substitute for shampoo and conditioner. So it cuts out a step and makes life easier for us? Brilliant! ACV also has the benefit of dissolving limescale, oil, and chemicals and is gentle on scalp and hair so you don’t have to worry about the drying effects that shampoo can sometimes impart. If you find the smell is off putting, just do it less- as a treatment rather than a washing substitute and marvel at the results!

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Credit: Yumi King

College Times Staff

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