Hair Masks & Air Drying: 13 Tips For Healthier Hair

How many times a day do you flick through Instagram and Pinterest thinking “I wish I had her hair”? A lot, I bet. A good haircut can change a person. But there’s no point in getting bangs and a crop if you don’t take care of your tresses. Be the hair envy of all your friends with these easy hair hacks.

1) Regular Hair Cuts

No it’s not just the hairdresser’s tactics to get you to come back for a haircut, regular hair cuts are essential to keeping healthy hair. You can apply all the lotions and potions you want, but nothing is going to save those dead ends. 

2) Only Shampoo Your Roots
Don’t apply shampoo to the ends of your hair as it will dry it out. Instead, gently massage shampoo into your roots, and let the water wash your ends instead.
3) Use A Clarifying Shampoo Once a Month

Between heat protect, mousse and hairspray, our hair has a build up of product. To thoroughly cleans your hair and scalp, a clarifying shampoo is advised. Or if you’re on a budget, just leave ordinary shampoo in your hair for 5 minutes and rinse with luke warm water.

4) Don’t Over-wash

We all love that clean hair feeling, but over-washing your hair can strip your scalp of it’s natural oils, causing your scalp to produce more oil, and results in greasy hair. Yikes. Over-washing can also cause scalp irritation. Try dry shampoo or putting your hair in braids if you feel like it’s a bit too greasy. Try to wash your hair only 3 times a week.

5) Use Cold Water

You don’t necessarily need to have a cold shower, but blasting your hair with cold water will close the hair shafts and leaving it sleek and shiny.

6) Don’t Towel Dry Your Hair

If you can, use a t-shirt to gently squeeze out all the moisture out of your hair. Towels are quite rough and will increase frizz and friction. If you do use a towel, try to pat your hair rather than rub.

7) Don’t Brush Your Hair When It’s Wet

This is the biggest cause of hair loss and breakage. Try and wait until your hair is dry before detangling it.

8) Let Your Hair Air Dry

Try to avoid hoot tools as much as possible. Try spritzing your hair with a salt spray to add some texture, or stick your hair in plaits to create easy heat free curls.


9) Use Hair Masks

Whether it’s one you bought or a DIY one, your hair needs a deep conditioning once a week. If you’re making your own mask, use any combination of avocado, olive oil, eggs, and honey to give your hair some TLC.

10) Take Biotin

Biotin is the main ingredient found in many hair, skin and nails tablets. Taking one 1,000 mg tablet a day will not only keep your hair healthy and increase growth but will also improve your skin and nails.

11) Avoid Cotton Pillowcases

try and opt for a satin or silk pillowcase instead, as cotton is rougher and can cause friction between your hair when you sleep.

12) Protect Your Hair

Even if you don’t intend on using any hot tools, always apply heat protect spray for your hair before going outside. Just like your skin, the sun can damage your hair also. After all, you wouldn’t sit in the sun without an SPF.

13) Eat Well

Our bodies are a reflection of how we are on the inside. If we have a healthy diet, our hair and skin will appear healthier too. Foods such as chicken, Greek yogurt, Spinach, eggs, and fruit and veg will give your hair the essentials vitamins and minerals it needs to stay healthy.

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