TikTok Teens Dress Up As Grannies To Buy Drink Illegally

TikTok Teens Dress Up As Grannies To Buy Drink Illegally

It seems you don't need a fake ID during a global pandemic.

Teenage TikTok users in the States discovered this by dressing up as OAPs in order to score alcohol in a new viral trend. Videos of the 'alcohol challenges' have gone viral with a couple racking over two million views each.

The clips show teens using face-masks to further hide their youth and then entering liquor stores to buy booze. The pranksters in question use powder to grey their hair which is then covered by a scarf to give a matronly look.

@claare__18Granny be looking a little different here!??? ##PRANK ##alcoholchallenge ##FYP ##4thOfJuly ##WearAMask♬ PJ PPCOCAINE - ppcoca1ne

@abimosherold lady goes to the liquor store always works.♬ original sound - abimosher

@abimosheri am now accepting grandchildren applications♬ original sound - abimosher

TikTok Trend

The new trend has taken the ever-growing social media platform by storm. The underage alcohol-enthusiasts appear victorious, bottles/cans in hand, much to the excitement of their friends.


One video shows a young woman rocking a grey wig, glasses and a mask resembling an elderly lady. With her surgical mask and gloves on, she could be anyone's innocent granny. The clip shows the girl returning from the 7/11 with cans of Four Loko in tow, dancing with her friends while she rips off her mask.

In another, an eighteen-year-old TikTok user said she was 'shaking' with excitement before revealing the bottle of wine she had successfully purchased. During her quest to acquire the beverage, the girl wears a headscarf with some costume jewellery. After obtaining the drink, she twerks in celebration.

The comments sections of the videos were full of people praising the innovation and creativity of the teens. One comment read: "As a millennial, I really am appreciating Gen Z". Another wrote: "These are getting all the more legit looking and I'm here for it."

Despite being of legal drinking age, I might have to give this challenge a go.

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