Tips for getting by in Trinity

Oh look at you, Class of 2013, hustling and bustling around in the chilly September air, scrounging for freebies here and freebies there, forking two euro coins out of your pockets – not really understanding what you’re paying for, and in the long run, not caring – I’ll tell you now, you won’t make a single Ultimate Frisbee training session. Here’s some other tried and tested practical advice to see you through your four years at Trinity.

See how you compare to your UCD counterparts


Wear Whatever You Want.


ESPECIALLY scarves. Oh I can get it in college colours too? Express yourself.



Visit The Book Of Kells Often, Just To Skip In Front Of The Tourists.


 Plus, the long room will make you feel like you go to Hogwarts.


Get a Walter Mitty Loyalty Card.



You will use it. The closest coffee joint in town, us old-timers remember when it was Café Sol, and even then it was packed.


Hate UCD.



Irrationally and unequivocally.  It doesn’t matter that your brother went there, you will be expected to declare your allegiance to Trinity in public.


Go To The Pav When Your Friends Are There, Even If You Still Have Lectures That Day.



 Nothing beats bowling into a tutorial like a boss.


Master The Art Of Drinking And Looking Chic On The Luas.




Don’t Understand The Difference Between The Berkeley, Usher or Lecky Until 3rd Year At The Earliest.



Get Hammered With Your Flatmates


Try Out Some New Dance Moves In An Edgy Bar.



Have A Library Crush, And Creep On Them Regularly.




Above All, Have Fun, And Do The Minimum Amount Of Work Possible.


Look Out For Tips For Getting By In Queens and DIT coming soon...

Julia O' Mahony

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