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It’s that time of year again, the points have been counted, the college courses have been accepted and students around the country are preparing to embark on what may be the best years of their lives. For all of the freshers, Three has compiled the list of the top 10 apps new students will need to get them through college and beyond.

1.       iTunesU (free): A hugely underrated iPhone app, iTunesU provides highly useful educational content from some of the world’s top education institutions such as Harvard, MIT and Trinity College, all for free.

2.       Find My iPhone/Find My Phone (free): Whether it was left it in the college bar or in the library, Find My iPhone/Find My Phone allows users to track their missing device from their computer and find its exact location.

3.       InForFree (free): A Facebook app that does exactly what it says on the tin, frugal freshers can get in to nightclubs and events, for free.

4.       Notability (€2.69): This best-selling app allows students to take both typed and handwritten notes on their phone or tablet as well as allowing them to record lectures.

5.       Study Blue (free): What does ever study session need? Flashcards. This handy app uses text pictures and audio to create digital flashcards whilst also tracking learning progress.


6.       Sleep Cycle (€1.79): A quality night’s sleep is essential and they can be few and far between for students. Sleep Cycle analyses sleeping patterns and wakes students up in their lightest sleep phase so they feel rested and refreshed.

7.       Snap2PDF (€2.69): Take a picture of any handout or textbook to convert it into a PDF. Bye bye binders.

8.       WaterIn (free): Drinking and college go hand-in-hand, drinking water that is! WaterIn tracks daily water intake and reminds thirsty students when they haven’t had enough.

9.       Any List (free): Lists that can be shared and synced so students and roommates never double up on groceries.

10.   Google Drive (free): Log in with your Gmail, the smarter way to store and share all those important notes and essays.

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