In Tweets: Leaving Certs Students Are Losing Their Mind Before Exams Even Start

In Tweets: Leaving Certs Students Are Losing Their Mind Before Exams Even Start

As D-day nears, Leaving Cert Students are at their wits end probably dreaming of giving up completely and joining the cast of Love Island for the summer.

With English paper one and Home Economics due to start the whole thing off tomorrow, it’s that time of year again where leaving cert students are taking over twitter with the most hilarious tweets about what they have and, most importantly, haven’t done, which everyone can relate to from past experience.

With nearly every Irish person having some kind of PTSD left from the most weighted three weeks of their life, it of course never gets old watching the next generation of 6th years go through what you’ve already done and somehow survived.

Moon Landing, Stalin, Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin, King Lear, and Dís, are just a few of the things the 6th years are currently trying to cram in before hell opens. These are just a few examples of how this year’s 6th years are coping with the stress:




Even some non LC students are beginning to freak out.

Good luck to all 6th years starting tomorrow! We look forward to seeing the burning of your Less Stress more Success notes and books at the end of it all - We'll continue to enjoy this gorgeous Leaving Cert weather.


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