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101 Things To Do That Will Make Your 20s Unforgettable

101 Things To Do That Will Make Your 20s Unforgettable

There are things you have to do, things you have to understand and things you have to change. Some are easier than others but they're all within your reach, let's so start now. Make your 20s a decade to remember!

1. Travel now before you’re too old/tired/married.

2. Say yes more than you say no.

3. Eat more weird things.

4. Put your phone away and start looking around.

5. Stop complaining and start changing.

6. If you don’t ask, the answer is no.


7. Be selfish, do you everything YOU want to do.

8. However, if you can’t do it right now, do something for someone else.

9. Don’t be afraid to embarrass yourself.

10. If you’re scared of doing something, do it anyway.

11. Know when to shut up and listen.

12. Keep looking forward but remember to check the rear-view mirror.


13. Learn to laugh at yourself.

14. Celebrate your failures.

15. Hold on to your friends for dear life.

16. Never pass up the opportunity to learn.

17. Don’t waste your time with people who waste yours.

18. No good can come of a bad relationship, get out now.


19. Learn to love Ikea, you’ll be in there a lot.

20. Quit your job in a blaze of glory at least once.

21. It’s easier to start exercising now than in your 30’s.

22. There’s no rush, you’ve got plenty of time to conquer the world.

23. You’re going to have some crap jobs, but don’t let them define you.

24. Don’t worry if you’re unemployed, finding a full-time job is a full-time job.


25. Save 20% of every paycheck, you’ll thank us when you’re 27.

26. Always be busy, no one reminisces about that time they did nothing.

27. Don’t suffer fools gladly.

28. If you can fit your life in a backpack, what else do you really need?

29. Walk like you own the streets.

30. There’s no ‘right’ way to live your life.


31. Talk to strangers, you never know who they’ll turn out to be.

32. You can sleep when you’re old.

33. If you’re going to do drugs, do them now. Not right now, but in your 20’s.(Ed - Obv we don't condone drug use, but if you must...)

34. Turn the music up. No, louder!

35. Dance like everyone’s watching but you still don’t care.

36. Don’t let being bad at something put you off doing it.


37. Work out, you’ll look good and feel amazing.

38. Every now and then sit down and just think, see where your mind takes you.

39. Then act on your thoughts—make your ideas into actions.

40. There’s no point in having an opinion if you’re not willing to defend it.

41. Appreciate the heck out of your family.

42. Now is not the time to settle for anything.


43. Learn to cook, it saves money and will impress everyone.

44. A little bit of what you fancy does you good.

45. Don’t take it personally, whatever ‘it’ is.

46. If you’re holding a grudge, it’s time to let it go.

47. Have sex. All the time. Wherever possible.

48. Experiment with your look, you can pull anything off when you wear it with confidence.


49. It’s better to be happy and poor than sad and rich. Being happy and Rich is obviously best though.

50. Always have something to look forward to.

51. Crash more parties. Throw more parties. Party!

52. Keep your promises, breaking them is a slippery slope.

53. If no one got hurt then it might as well be funny.

54. Don’t follow the crowd, fight against it.


55. There are no bad ideas, only good ideas and things that lead to good ideas.

56. Be sensible when you need to be, laugh at funny cats the rest of the time.

57. Do whatever hairbrained, madcap project has been rolling around in your head and see it through to completion. However it turns out, you can say that you did it.

58. If you want to take a nap, take a nap. It’s one of life’s purest pleasures.

59. Drink water before going to bed after a heavy night. Fewer hangovers = more amazing 20’s.

60. It’s not what you know but who you know. Start networking now.


61. 5 true friends are better than 50 phonies.

62. If you don’t plan your social life, it’ll leave you behind.

63. Mingle more. Small talk is tedious but it leads to bigger things.

64. Do ridiculous things for charity.

65. The ‘right time’ won’t just come along, make it now.

66. Go to more concerts.


67. It’s better to be gracefully wrong than right by default.

68. Stick up for yourself, don’t let people walk all over you.

69. Do something you’d be shocked at yourself for doing.

70. Live for now but plan for the future.

71. Make mistakes, but don’t make the same mistake twice.

72. The best way to not worry about debt is to not be in debt. Apart from that pesky student loan, obviously.


73. Don’t be ashamed to move back home after uni.

74. But do everything you can to get out of there as soon as you can.

75. Never be too busy to hang out.

76. Hug everyone.

77. You can survive on less sleep than you think.

78. If you’re truly happy in a relationship, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.


79. Find inspiration in everything, never shy away from ideas.

80. Being bad at singing doesn’t make karaoke any less fun.

81. See the sunrise as often as your conscience will allow.

82. Fall deeply, insanely in love at least once.

83. Do things on your own- it's good for you!

84. Take the long way home, see what you can discover.


85. Go to festivals. It’s a special kind of madness you won’t find anywhere else.

86. Spend time in Europe. Australia would kill to have the kind of access we have.

87. Dress for the life you want, not the life you have.

88. Forget the big picture and find fun in the little things.

89. Get outdoors more, we’ve got some pretty amazing countryside here.

90. Don’t stress yourself out, that’s what your 30’s are for.


91. Learn a weird skill that will almost never come in useful, then reap the rewards when it does.

92. Do something so unbelievably hard that people will never believe you were capable of it. Then get out the photos.

93. Get passionate, get radical, get involved. Make a difference in your world.

94. Don’t have a baby. Not yet.

95. Hold the finer things and simple pleasures in equal esteem.

96. Be honest with yourself, then be honest with others.

97. Jump in at the deep end.

98. If you’ve never been to London, go to London.

99. If you’ve never left London, get out of London.

100. Work hard. Play harder. Crash hardest.

101. Don’t worry about where your life is headed, there's only one thing to do anyway.

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