Twink's Pet Parrot Is Now Banned From Joining Her On Her Weekly Shop

Twink's Pet Parrot Is Now Banned From Joining Her On Her Weekly Shop

2020 has thrown up so strange and unusual news stories, but this might be the most abstract of the lot.

For anyone that has a knowledge of supermarkets in the South Dublin area just east of Tallaght, or knows anyone who has worked in these establishments, they'll know all about Twink and her pet parrot. The bird, known as Timberlake or 'Timby' for short, joins the panto performer on her weekly shop to supermarkets in Rathfarnham and Knocklyon.

At least that used to be the case...

Twink, real name Adele King, has been told by management in Supervalu Knocklyon that Timby is no longer welcome in store.

Store manager Owen Doyle told the Irish Sun that the store policy is clear with regard to the admittance of animals, and they aren't in the business of making an exception for Twink.

“Aside from guide dogs, there are no animals allowed in this store and we are definitely not making an exception for Twink.

"At the end of the day, this is a fresh food and fruit market. It’s not a place we encourage anybody to bring pets into - that includes parrots, as well as cats.


"There are no animals of any descriptions allowed in aside from guide dogs."

Twink has been no stranger to creating news around her pets.

In 2014, her dog Teddy was the subject of a 'dognapping', with Twink's public pleas ultimately leading to the dog's safe return and the arrest of a man.

Speaking on the incident, comedian Joe Rooney, who acted alongside Twink in the musical 'Angel of Broadway' last year, condemned the measures put in place to stop Twink bringing her parrot shopping.

"Twink is a ­national treasure in Ireland, and if she wants to bring her parrot into a shop, she should be allowed.

"I can’t think of any woman who has done more for this country than Twink. She’s the Queen of Ireland and should be treated like royalty.

"This is like stopping the Queen of England going into a shop with her corgis."


Sean Meehan

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