Types Of People You Meet In Eddie Rockets

Ah Eddie Rockets, a place where the buffalo wings are cajun and the burgers are smoke stacked. A place for hangovers, after school runs and family outings. No Irish person will ever say they have never been there..because absolutely all of us have. The food is delicious and The Shake Shop is every students dream. Let's talk about life, love and the student haven that is Eddie Rockets.

1) Drunk Guy/Girl

They're sloppy, they're drunk and they have been brought in with their friend to get some good old sobering up. The glass of tap water falls, they have cheese in their hair and all you can hear them say is "GARLIC SAUCE."

2) Mr. Rich

This guy or girl does not need to see the prices on the menu. They will decide at the last minute because today money isn't an issue for them. Forget the €7.50 meal deal they will take a large portion of chicken tenders, a cheese burger, a large Coke, chips and a shake. Yes, they have come to eat and they will bare no cost.


3) The Broke Soul

This person will only buy chips and a tap water or a €7.50 Slider meal deal if you're lucky. No tips will ever be left and they will stay there until it closes. They will sit and talk and talk while the queue is out the door.

4) Kids Birthday Party

You would swear these kids have never left their house or eaten before. They are wild animals and they are ready to destroy whatever food comes before them. It will be loud, their booths will be crowded and the parents will be wishing they had never organized such a thing.


5) Happy Family

There is always a happy family in Eddie Rockets. They are on their big day out together and finishing it off with a lovely meal. They are laughing away and the two kids eyes bulge out of their heads when they hear "you can have whatever you want."

6) The Cryer

Maybe they have just been dumped, maybe they're in a fight with there family or are too drunk to control those tears. The cryer is never a nice thing to witness. Cut it out - you are in the greatest restaurant of all.


7) The Fighter

There is always someone getting kicked out. They could be trouble, refusing to pay or just being obnoxiously loud. Either way, "they can't show their face around here ever again."

 8) The Old Couple

There will always be an older couple in the restaurant having a lovely time until they overhear you talking about who "your one" got with last night. Respect them and don't fill their brains with overheard nonsense.


9) The Sweet Potato

There is always at least one person in a group that will order sweet potato fries. Maybe they prefer the taste or maybe it is because they are slightly less bad for you. There is always one.

10) The Swingers

Now, it is not what you might think. Get those thoughts out of your head. Have you ever been in Eddie Rockets minding your own business, and, then a band come in, organized by Mr. Rocket himself, and they do this Glee type dance and sing off? You are now uncomfortable but you can't stop watching.


11) The Alternative Choice

There is always some one with you or among the group that orders something rather strange. Not your typical buffalo wings or tenders. They order something out of the blue like tamale's.

12) The Bathroom Stalls

This guy or girl is pissed and they are looking forward to the night ahead. But one thing has led to another and before you know it one of the girls your with is as drunk as anything. Bad decisions can be made.


13) The Shake Shopper

This friend of yours just loves The Shake Shop. They go on a regular basis and they have a Top 5 of their favorites. It is a hangout spot for them in the evenings and they just lap it all up.

14) School Teens

It could be after a kiddy disco, or before they go drinking in the toilets, but school teens love a good Eddie Rockets. Whether they are meeting up with a new group of guys/girls or hanging there until there parents collect them - they just love a good portion of cheesy chips.



15) The Tipper

The women or man who gives a decent tip is the waiter/waitresses best friend. They have to deal with us students all day, so, to get a tip is pretty extra ordinary. They will treat you well and remember your face if you are one to tip.

16) The Half & Half

There is always that one person you meet that gets the half & half. This onion ring and chips combination can show a lover of life, who doesn't want to choose, so they'll have both.

Lauren Rol
Article written by
Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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