Being Irish means there are some thing that are unique to us and us only and there are some things you'll only understand if you're Irish.

From place names to customs, we're pretty particular with what we like and what we don't. We've decided to round-up the special things that you'll only understand if you're Irish. Someone put on a cup of tae.

Hon the lads.


1. How to pronounce Dun Laoghaire

2. The Lisdoonvarna matchmaking festival


3. Milk being considered a refreshing beverage


4. Tea makes up most of your water weight

5. Our president looks like a Postman Pat character

And we love him even more for it.


6. Leaving Cert weather

It's a natural phenomenon.

7. Prioritising the sesh at all times


8. Guinness is more important to us than water

9. Quoting Father Ted is perfectly acceptable in any situation

10. The Guards always do this

11. And...complaining about the weather and/or death

'Did ya hear there's supposed to be snow? Jesus Mrs. O'Donnell doesn't stand a chance.'


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