11 Things You'll Only Understand If You've A Stationery Fetish

11 Things You'll Only Understand If You've A Stationery Fetish

There is nothing, and I mean nothing better than some fresh stationery.

If you find yourself drawn into Easons or the Art and Hobby shop upon every whim, you, my friend, have a stationery fetish. If you get a thrill from buying the 4 in 1 pen or every tip-ex under the sun, you will surely recognise the beauty of stationery.

The benefits of colour co-coordinating your notes with seven different highlighters, or placing sticky notes on every piece of empty lined page are enormous. (as well as satisfying)

Bask in the satisfaction of being addicted to stationery.

1. You can't go past Easons without stealing a glance

2. You were always secretly delighted when school started back because you could kit yourself out with new stationery


3. You always have at least 3 highlighters on you at all times

4. You always had the rubber/sharpener combo in school

5. You wouldn't be caught dead with a refill pad


6. Refill folders with individual separators give you an orgasm

7. You only use the 4 in 1 pen



8. Sticky notes feature on every page of notes you've ever written

9. You always had the biggest pencil case in your class because it was packed with stationery

10. You never use the same highlighter for one page

11. Finally...your heart skips a beat when someone presents you will some delish stationery


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Ciara Finnegan

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