United Fans Direct Anger Towards Moyes and Woodward

Twitter was set alight on Monday night with words of anger in the direction of David Moyes and Ed Woodward as Manchester United failed to impress in the transfer market deadline day just 24 hours after their defeat to Liverpool.

Hair as big as his transfer free

On a personal note, I still back David Moyes and Woodward. It’s only the beginning of something new and to be honest I’m pleased with the fuzzy Belgian wonder that will now wear the number 31 shirt for United.

Fellaini may not be the most glamorous signing United could have had, but I rate him higher than the signings of Kleberson, Djemba Djemba and other various turkeys that have donned the red shirt. €32.5 million is a steep fee for any player but in Fellaini they’ve bought not only quality but a person who shares a deep and meaningful relationship with the chosen one, David Moyes. Fellaini is well known for been heavily involved in certain games where Moyes masterminded a takedown of Fergie’s boys within 90 minutes. Plus his hair is outrageous.

Juan Sebastian Veron - notoriously bad

Taking a look at United’s transfer windows in the past, Juan Sebastian Veron, Wayne Rooney, and Dimitar Berbatov drew massive attention, but Rooney, who at the time was one for the future, was the only one to sign home about. There was more made of Kleberson’s signing than Ronaldo’s.

Beckham’s transfer for €35 million and Ronaldo’s for €93.9 million was when United were in the main spotlight of the transfer market. They lost two of their best.

Utd had no choice but to sell Ronaldo for close to 95 million

So United signed a strong impressive midfielder from Everton who has proved himself in matches against United through the years. What I’m trying to say is United lost nobody big and gained positively. Moyes needs support the club is going through a change that all clubs eventually go through, it was bound to happen sometime. They’ll come good

Ken Haughton

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