An American In Ireland Reveals What They Think About Dublin Bus

An American In Ireland Reveals What They Think About Dublin Bus

I may be from a smaller town in the states but wow does the Dublin transportation really throw me for a loop. Some days I really am unsure if I am going to make it in one piece. I guess I don't have much to compare it to. I can't remember the last time I even saw a bus pass through my hometown. My only experience is the school bus. And that thing went slower than someone running on the side of the road.

From the get-go, I was taught the ins and outs of the good ole Luas. Honestly, that thing is a blessing because I don't know how I would navigate around without it. And based on how tightly packed it usually is, others feel the same way. Nothing better than your face in someone's sweaty arm pit. I think I have mastered it a little bit. Only sometimes do I get taken off guard and stumble a little bit. Usually the everyone on the tram shifts too so I don't feel as dumb.

Once I started my internship I then moved up and had to start taking the bus. That's where it gets a little scary. You really never know what the bus is going to be like when you get on. I have learned to always have my headphones handy. The newest song by Ed Sheeran is a lot better than the constant cry of a baby or the one side of an intense phone call.


I have also learned that no matter how much I don't want to rely on the handrails I REALLY need them. Those buses weave in and out of traffic like nobodies business. I'm barely made it a few steps in before they're up to full speed and I'm hanging on for dear life.

Other than that the ride is pretty great, except today I realized that it is actually really important to pay attention. I looked up from my phone and there goes my stop and by the time I could get my shiz together I was already 3 stops past where I needed to be. These bus drivers don't mess around.

So just a few tips of advice- hang on and pay attention.

Kaili Sager

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