Watch: Incredible Short Film Advocating Repeal Will Leave You Horrified

Watch: Incredible Short Film Advocating Repeal Will Leave You Horrified

Philomela is a short film created by two lads, Matthew Roche and Elliot Milofsky who have established themselves as talented film makers, and call themselves Extra Extra. They’re a duo who create independent, short films on their smartphones, with one of them winning them the “Best Irish Film” at the Dublin Smartphone Film Festival.

Their latest endeavour however is an absurdist piece of satire highlighting the double standards of the 8th Amendment. The film, entitled ‘Philomela’, is about a girl whose apartment is broken into by a mysterious man wearing a blackened suit and hood. Her plaintive cries to both her parents and the Gardaí for assistance in riding this man, are ignored and she is chastised for leaving her window open to let the man in in the first place. It’s an overt but evocative metaphor for unwanted pregnancies. The film sends out a great message, especially to those who are undecided.

Extra Extra are having an open premiere screening for their film, tomorrow at 11am to 3pm in the Mart on Rathmines Road, and if you have the time, I strongly urge a visit for the discussion on the film itself, as well as what the film means to the referendum. They will be screening the film, then having an open panel, with tea and biscuits to follow. They have another screening tomorrow evening at 6pm until 10pm in 6 Ormond Quay Upper in Dublin if you are unable to catch the first one.

Here’s a peek of their new Film, Philomela:


If you want more information on Extra Extra, you can visit their Facebook page here.

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Grainne Sharkey

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