Watch: Slowthai Acts Disgracefully At The 2020 NME Awards

Watch: Slowthai Acts Disgracefully At The 2020 NME Awards

There were very strange scenes at the NME Awards last night where presenter and comedian Katherine Ryan found herself accosted on stage by rapper Slowthai.

In scenes widely circulated on social media this morning, Slowthai invaded Ryan's personal space on stage and issued the following bizarre pick-up line: “Baby girl … if you want to do something, see me later … you ain’t never had anyone play with you like I’ll play with you.”

Slowthai, who was awarded with the Hero of the Year last night, then threw a pint glass at a member of the crowd who wasn't a fan of his behaviour from the stage.


KSI, for whatever reason, didn't seem too troubled.

Ryan, for her part, remained amazingly calm through the whole thing. Obviously her experience in stand-up comedy gave her direct experience in dealing with hecklers, but this was next level. On Twitter afterwards, she said Slowthai didn't even phase her.

Many of the top UK-based comedians reached out to Ryan to commend her.


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