12 Ways Men Are Much More Immature Than Women

When you compare men to women, it is sometimes hard to work out how they get on at all, and the reason I say this is because, in general, men are much more immature than women. Regardless of what age you want to compare the two genders, men are always more childish than women. I'm pretty sure a girl that has just been born already has the emotional maturity of a 12 year old guy. Actually, when you think about it, men might actually be getting more immature as they get older. Anyway, here's a list of some of the examples of this immaturity.


We Find Farts Absolutely Hilarious

The very definition of immaturity, all men find farts and fart-related humour hilarious, while very few, if any, women feel the same way.


Same Goes For Burps


While not quite as funny as farts, burps are still very entertaining. To men. Not so much to women.


We're Much More Likely To Wrestle

I actually this is quite a good thing, because we are so comfortable with our friends that we don't mind a bit of physical contact. Although yes I do accept that re-enacting WWE moves on each other when there's alcohol involved is quite a childish past time.



In General We Are Much Messier Eaters

Go into any restaurant and check any table where a couple has just finished dinner. The guy's half of the table is almost definitely going to have more crumbs/sauce on his side, with the possibility of some of it also ending up on his clothes.


We Are Not Nearly As Sentimental


Women become attached to important things like necklaces they were given as presents, or things from their childhood, like teddy bears or photos. Men aren't quite as sentimental, and instead become emotionally attached to things like Playstations, or a particularly good football.


Personal Hygiene Isn't As High On The List Of Priorities

Women have loads of different products that do different things and clean and 'ex foliate' different parts of the body in a shower. Men use soap, or shampoo, or whatever bottle is nearest to hand, and it cleans every inch of them.



Stupid Jokes Still Entertain Us Greatly

And we have no shame in laughing at the same stupid joke over and over again, and sharing it with all of our stupid friends who can then enjoy it just as much as us.


Novelty Dance Moves Are Our Speciality


Women have this amazing ability to actually look sexy on a dance floor. The only chance we have of attracting a woman is making her laugh enough with our hilarious dancing that she'll let her guard down. That's when we swoop in.


We Are Much Less Emotionally Aware

This might come from the stereotype that men have to come across as being the strong, silent type, but I also think that there's a certain amount of just simply not being aware of when someone is upset and needs comforting, because we're basically as emotionally developed as a potato.



Comforting Our Friends Isn't Our Strong Point

And then on the rare occasion that we get lucky and guess correctly that someone needs comforting, we can think of little else to do other than pat them on the head and repeat the phrase "there, there".


The Mind Of A Man Is A Much Simpler Place


Men are able to do something that women just can't. They can go for an extended period of time without thinking anything at all. During this time it might look as if we are dark and mysterious, contemplating the great mysteries of our time. At least I hope that's what it looks like, as opposed to the much more likely scenario of having a blank expression and drooling a little.


We Will Always Be Delighted With Ourselves After Sex

Even if a guy has been with a girl for ten years, and they have sex on a regular basis, as couples do, he'll always give himself a high 5 in his head on a job well done. And as far as I can tell, this will never change until the day he dies.



David Sweeney
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