What Your Vices Say About You

We all have our own daily routine and there are things that we can't live without. You might not think it, but your habit has become a mild addiction and if you actually gave it up you wouldn't be able to survive. It's become so ingrained in your routine, you don't even realise you do it. Here is what your vice says about you.

10) Coffee

You are a slave to caffeine and you really couldn't survive without your morning cup .You give stick to smokers, even though you probably have more of an addiction to coffee than they do to cigarettes. You're actually worried that your blood is made up of coffee and that if you ever need blood, you would just get a coffee infusion. If you tried to go a day without coffee you would end up feeling like a zombie. Also you're the one who always puts pictures of your cappuccino on Instagram.

9) Smoking

You started when you were young and now you can't get through a day without smoking. You take more smoke breaks than you do work. You will always be found out in the smoking area on a night out and spend more time out there than you do in the club.


8) Tea

This is a bit of a milder addiction than coffee simply because you don't drink tea for the same reasons you drink coffee. It doesn't have that much of an effect on you and you could easily give it up. It has become more of a part of your routine to turn the kettle on and have a cup. You have some nice biscuits with your tea and it keeps you warm during those winter months.

 7) Red Wine

You drink it to feel more "sophisticated" and when you don't want to make it too obvious that you're really drunk. You drink it when you're out with people from work or people older than you. When you're with your mates you drink shoulders of vodka and you always have your trusty friend Captain Morgan around. You also drink it when you're home alone and watching whatever garbage is on TV , it helps you relax in the evenings.


6) Chocolate

We all like chocolate, but there are some people who have a real sweet tooth and love it. If you have spare change you won't hesitate to buy yourself a KitKat or a Moro. You're the one with your face in the Roses and Quality Streets at Christmas and have no shame in eating a whole tin by yourself. You always get a sugar rush off it and get hyper after you've had even the smallest bit of chocolate.

5) Soft drinks

I have to admit I'm a coke addict (no, not that type of coke addict ) I always have to have some sort of soft drink for lunch. If you're like me then it's got to the stage where you just buy one even if you're only slightly thirsty. You always buy big bottles to have in the house and it's sickening that you could actually go through it all in one day.


4) Fast Food

We all like it on occasion, just when we need something quick to eat, or are hungover, but there are others who have it more than once a week. You used to eat it as a kid and your tastes haven't changed since then. You still got to McDonalds or Burger King when you can and you got there so frequently they know you by name.

3) Weed

There are some people who'll have a joint every now and then, but there are others that base their whole day around it. You start to become accustomed to the hemp culture and head off to Amsterdam every now and again to get a real taste of it.


2) Binging on tv shows

You start watching a new series at 11 o clock (in the morning) and say you won't stay up that late. Before you know it, it's 4 am and you have watched an entire season. You wake up seeing Walter White after watching too much Breaking Bad, and then finish off another season in a whole sitting the next day. Netflix is your safe haven and you will always watch whatever series they are promoting. 

1) Beer

You are nothing out of the ordinary and you fit right in. You will always have a few cheeky ones when the football is on or when you're having a few mates over. When you drink it on a night out, it's a whole different story and you drink way more than you should. You usually end up getting sick in the taxi on the way home and you gradually piece together what happened the night before.

Kenneth Fox
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I'm a musician and a writer, or a writer and a musician, I can't make up my mind, Either way I'm not particularly good at either. A bit of an old fashioned guy, who enjoys the simpler things in life, nothing fancy.

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