Why We'll Miss Ibrahimovic At Next Year's World Cup

“A World Cup without me is not worth watching,” said the modest as ever Zlatan Ibrahimovic after Sweden were knocked out last night.

But with Cristiano Ronaldo leading Portugal through to Brazil, we can't help feel we're missing out on not having Zlatan there too. As well as looking like a samurai and referring to himself in the 3rd person, he's also scored some unbelievable goals. So here's our top 5 to remind you of what a great player he is.

Bicycle Kick Against England....


Just 1 Of The 4 Goals He scored Against Anderlecht This Year...

A Scorpion Kick Against Bastia...


A karate kick against France..


And of course...

With the Swedish striker losing out to Ronaldo, we couldn't help but finish with one of his greatest quotes.

“Cristiano Ronaldo is a lucky guy. He always gets front row tickets to see Lionel Messi win his awards.”

David Keenan
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