Why You Should Avoid An Ex's Facebook Page

Break up's are never nice for anyone involved. Especially if you are the dumped party. If you are feeling fragile, and longing for the person you were once with, I have one piece of advice for you: stay away from their Facebook. Whether you like it or not you will see things that may cause you to have "psyhco-esque" behavior. You may follow them and show up where they are. You may just spend hours staring at their Facebook page on your laptop screen. This ends now do you hear me? You should stay far away from their Facebook page as possible. Here is a step by step process and how you can remove them from your life.

Step 1:

Don't delete them completely on Facebook, you don't want the guy or girl to know you hate them. Instead, remove them from your newsfeed. This way you will not see their statuses, comments on their wall or pictures they're tagged in. And, without deleting them they will have no clue you are annoying them.

Step 2:

Now, you need to make a conscious effort here. No looking at their Facebook. If someone says "Oh did you see what was on their Facebook?." Sure, have a quick glance but don't make a habit of it, because, before you know it, you will have searched through every comment and tagged photo in sight.


Step 3:

Don't contact girls/guys they have been in touch with. This looks petty and is embarrassing for the guy or girl who may not even be seeing your ex. If you do hear rumors or see suspicious activity - hold back. And DO NOT under ANY circumstances send that new girl or guy a mail.

Step 4:

Avoid where they will be. Your friends will know and do not lie to us you have been creeping on them haven't you? Just avoid where they go because when you are both drunk and on a night out, God knows what will happen.


Step 5: 

Do not respond to their messages, whether it is a booty call or a friendly hello, you may be on rocky territory. Be careful what you say it could come across very badly.

Step 6: 

Try, and I mean TRY, not to score their friends. It will make you look petty or like your a complete a**hole. Stay away from their friends at least until you are both completely over each other. This will not bring anything more than a cheeky shift on a random Wednesday in Coppers. It really isn't worth it.


Step 7:

No drunken texts or phone calls. Get one of those apps that stops you from using your phone for certain people when you are that pissed. Once you can bring yourself to stay away from contacting them while drunk you are nearly there.

Step 8:

Delete the ex's number. Now you have taken your last step and you have taken control of your habits. You have achieved greatness and now you can move on with your head held high. I applaud you.

Lauren Rol
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Lauren Rol: A UCD graduate who spends most of her time watching the Soaps. A devout fan of Chinese food and a French Bulldog obsessive.

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