Wild Lights At Dublin Zoo Is Set To Return This November!

Wild Lights At Dublin Zoo Is Set To Return This November!

Dublin Zoo has announced the return of a beloved feature, Wild Lights, and like the thousands of moths such a large collection of illuminated objects will no doubt attract, it is once again anticipating a multitude of us to flock to its doors.

The theme of this year's installation of giant silk lanterns will be aquatically derived; specifically, it will be called 'Ocean of Light'. The website describes 'giant squid, emperor penguins, colossal blue whales and dainty seahorses' as being among the tailor-made lights to feature in this year's attraction.

Spectacular new themes feature in this year’s enchanting experience - Winter Wonderland - home to Arctic favourites such as polar bears and walruses, Celebrating China - bringing a flavour of the East and, The North Pole - with a dazzling 16-metre high silk Christmas Tree and festive displays.

It is a fantastic festive trip to take with friends or family and also makes a perfect idea for a first-date. After all what's more romantic than looking up at a giant 10-foot praying mantis rendered as a luminous silk lantern. Imagine, as you and your partner bask in the glow emanating from its mandibles, you turn to your date and, seeing the dappled light playing across their delicate features, you decide to make your move. You lean in, and they DO NOT reciprocate. Oooh boy, have you misjudged the situation. They ain't on the same level re: kissing at all, I cannot stress that enough. After a brief but terse exchange where they outline that, despite having had a nice time thusfar, they can't really imagine it working out between the two of you, they hand back the share-bag of Peanut M&Ms you'd bought together, and leave you, alone. You gaze up at the praying mantis and remember a fact you picked up somewhere - the female praying mantis bites the head off the male praying mantis directly after coitus, and you console yourself with the thought that perhaps solitude isn't really so bad in the grand scheme of things.

Or the date could go well, who's to know.


Tickets are on sale for annual pass holders and will go on sale, while general tickets will go on sale on Friday 14th September at 9:30am. Wild Lights will be open in Dublin Zoo on selected dates between 1 November - 6 January.

Visit their website to find out ticket prices.

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Rory McNab

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