8 Signs That You Work With A Complete Bitch

8 Signs That You Work With A Complete Bitch

Work ain't easy even at the best of times. Your co-workers have a big bearing on your overall morale during the work day and if you happen to work with a bitch the day can seem like it drags on forever.

1. She Ignores You

Every time you call her to ask her a question, the bitch blanks you. The nerve!

2. She's Lazy

She never has her work done on time and she's always snacking in the canteen or going for naps. Bitch, what are they paying you for?!


3. You Have To Clean Up When She Shits On The Carpet

This is just gross. Whatever about doing your business on the floor, the least you could do is clean up after yourself. Bitch please...

4. She Barks At The New Clients

This is just downright bad for business. Very bitchy behaviour altogether.


5. She Drags Her Arse On The Floor

Again whatever you do in the privacy of your own home, fair play. But when a bitch saunters into the office and starts pulling your arse across the floor you need to draw a line.

6. She Won't Sit When You Ask Her

No matter how many times you tell this bitch to sit she refuses, even if you give the bitch a treat. She's not so hot on fetch or play dead either.


7. She's Always Chasing Cats At Lunch

This bitch would be better off catching up on the Henderson account than chasing strays outside the smoking area. Get it together bitch!

8. She'll Jump Up On Your Lap Even Though She Clearly Doesn't Fit

Ever hear of a diet love? Seriously, don't be jumping up on me in the middle of a meeting you fat ass bitch. Jeez.

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Eoin Lyons

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