In Praise Of Strong Women: Why Being Bossy Might Be A Good Thing

Strong men are called powerful and successful and driven and take-charge. Strong women are called bossy bitches. I could write a rant about this. I could write that this is unfair and that this is blatant sexism against any and all women who want to go after their goals and not be assigned goals by husbands and boyfriends and fathers. I could write the difference between being strong and simply being a nasty bitch. I could write how this term is terrible, but instead, I'll say this. If we call strong women bossy, it must be a good thing to be bossy. So I will praise all the supposed bossy-ass bitches out there, for persisting in spite of ignorance.

In this day in age, being bossy as a woman might be good because it means...


1. Not Taking Shit In Your Relationships

A bossy woman is not putting up with a liar, a cheater, or any other sort of fuckboy. She will make him clean up his act or pack he's fucking bags (he's always replaceable for her).


2. Going After The Career You Want

A bossy woman can walk in and assert why she's right for the job, why she's not concerned with whether her position is typically male or female, and why she deserves 100 cents on a man's dollar, not 79.

3. Defying The Stereotype Of Small, Meek Women

A bossy woman will not stand by in the corner letting a man speak for her and make her decisions. She can make them for herself, just fine, and yes, she will fucking speak up.


4. Coming During Sex

A bossy woman knows that she deserves an orgasm as much as he does and she knows that she can direct him or ask for things during sex that will help her come. She doesn't have to sit back and accept his lousy performance.

5. Not Doing All Of The Fucking Housework


A bossy woman knows the dishes in the sink aren't calling her name because she's a woman. They're calling the name of whoever fucking left them in the sink.

6. Not Letting Your Vagina Define How You Behave

A bossy woman knows she does not have to avoid being labeled a slut or a prude or a whore or a virgin. She doesn't have to afraid of being thought of as shrill or needy. She will behave the way she wants to based on who she is and how she's feeling, not based on backwards gender stereotypes and expectations of how she ought to behave to not institute a direct challenge on the male patriarchy.


7. Refusing To Feel Like The Inferior Or Weaker Sex

A bossy woman will not think of herself as the weaker sex. She will not assume her relationship is in the hands of a man, nor her career, nor her her emotions. She knows that she is the equal of every man and woman she meets.

8. Being A Classy Fucking Bossy-Ass Bitch

And finally, a bossy woman will let the term bossy roll off her back because she knows that she isn't actually bossy. She's driven. She's passionate. She's smart. She's confident. And if men or even other women feel threatened by her and choose to call her bossy in an attempt to bring her down, she'll know that's their insecurity and not her problem.


Video: Ban Bossy - I'm Not Bossy. I'm The Boss.

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Casey Schmauder
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Casey Schmauder is a third year student at the University of Pittsburgh studying nonfiction writing and psychology, currently enjoying a study abroad in Ireland writing for CollegeTimes and TeenTimes.

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