You Need This Brilliantly Simple Fake Tan Hack This Summer...

Is there anything like the glorious feeling of being beautifully bronzed? Post tan application you just feel like a ridiculous amazonian goddess, lean and golden... Christ- how have Victoria's Secret not been banging down your door demanding you be in the show?! It somehow tricks you into thinking all sorts, like for example- "Wear that crop top, no you know what wear the BRALET because you gurl, are looking WELL." Self-confidence skyrockets out of control.

But you know what is so shit about tan? What can totally ruin the flawless, sunkissed effect you're going for? THOSE PORES. THOSE GOD FORSAKEN LEG PORES. You know the ones, after shaving they're still open so you slap on your tan and it collects in them and oh hello brown dots, so gross so annoying.


Well, guess what? Those dotty brown legs are a thing of the past because we have a hack guaranteed to work. Are you ready? All you have to do is Grab a packet of frozen peas and run them down your legs before applying your self-tanner. This clever trick will seal the pores in your legs, so you won't be left with those you-know-what's after tanning. It works like a dream, give it a try and see for yourselves!


College Times Staff

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