You Won't Believe How Much Joe Wicks Is Earning

You've probably heard of Joe Wicks, and seen his short clips on Instagram of him shouting "AND THAT RIGHT THERE IS LEAN IN 15"? Ring any bells? Tanned? Curls? Wearing only a towel after a post workout shower? No? Come on! Anyway, incase you've been living under the sea or in space for the last few months-  he's an Instagram celebrity and he is absolutely RAKING it in.


Good morning world ? Last day in New York City ? What a city ❤️ Next stop Coachella ✈️ #Leanin15USA

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Unsurprisingly, he's a fitness guru (and he's gorgeous. like unbelievably so- the smile, the eyes, he's like a curly haired angel) He has over a million followers and is known as The Body Coach. He's released a best-selling cookbook, and has a 'Lean in 15' plan that thousands of people all over the world are following. Joe is a busy man.

He told The Mirror:



I'm passionate about what I do, and getting people coming up to me in the street or at book signings and telling me I've changed their lives - that's what motivates me.


He says that all of his healthy meals can be cooked in 15 minutes and it's proven to be a hit with the public. He says;


It's incredible how my life has completely changed. A couple of years ago I had about four followers and was putting out all this free content for so long, putting myself out there to be laughed at and criticised. I never realised you could monetise Instagram. I just wanted to help people. But I have 500 people signing up to my plan every day, and the business keeps growing and growing. I think the reason I've become successful is because I never set out to make money.



Good for him! PS- He has a long term girlfriend called Caroline. :'(

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Video:  The Body Coach On How To Eat More And Lose Weight | Good Morning Britain

Credit: Good Morning Britain

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