After Reading This You’ll Never Want To Wear Makeup To Bed Again

After Reading This You’ll Never Want To Wear Makeup To Bed Again

Today a first-hand story reminded us of the importance of removing makeup before bed.

A woman from Australia has recently found out the hard way that not taking off your mascara can lead to some serious health issues.

Not only did she not take off her mascara for 25 years, she waited to take care of the ongoing issue until it began to get pretty serious.

According to BuzzFeed, the 50-year-old woman felt like there was something constantly stuck in her eye and so she scheduled to go to the doctor. Sparing you some of the specific medical details, the mascara had built up under her eyelid and had begun to harden.

It was described as being like small pebble-like pieces coating the inside of the lid. They were scratching her eye, specifically the cornea each time she would blink.  If you have ever experienced a scratch to the cornea you understand the terrible pain she was going through. Although the build-up had progressed deep in the skin, the clumps were still visible. If this issue had not been taken care of, it could have led to the woman having serious vision problems.

She also was diagnosed with follicular conjunctivitis, a more common bacterial infection. Makeup caries a lot of bacteria so it’s important to take the right precautions with your makeup routine. Dirt and germs can cause irritation, sties, pink eye and many other issues.


To help prevent you from getting unwanted infections make sure to be 1) cleaning your makeup brushes regularly, 2) throwing out old mascara bottles, and 3) wash your hands before applying makeup.

I know we all have those late nights where we wake up still in a full face of makeup - that's okay, it happens. But don't get in the habit of heading to bed with your mascara on. Although this condition is uncommon, it is good to get into a good routine of consistently removing your makeup.

There are so many easy ways to quickly remove it just find what product works for you. The beloved Pennys sells Garnier skin micellar cleansing water for just under 6 euro.  Squirt that on a cotton round and you're good to go.

Kaili Sager

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