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9 Fail-Proof Things To Do On The Morning Of Your Exams

9 Fail-Proof Things To Do On The Morning Of Your Exams

Any student will know preparing for your exams can be really nerve-wracking. You hardly sleep the night before and do some much last-minute studying you fear you'll never remember it all. But when it comes to the morning of the exam, there's no time for panicking - you need to get in the zone and nail it. To help you out a bit we have come up with a list of 9 things to do before exams. Fake it til you make it!

1. Wake up early

On the off-chance you actually slept last night, wake up earlier than you usually would. Don't hit snooze. You will thank yourself later!


2. Get a good breakfast in


Now that you're up, make a hearty breakfast. Do not just run out the door with a piece of toast and a banana! Make an omelette or some bacon and eggs to get your mind working.


3. Double check the venue and time


There's nothing work that rocking up to the exam on the wrong day or at the wrong time. There's no way to turn back the clock if you miss your exam so before you even leave the house, make sure you know where it is and what time.


4. Warm up your brain


While you’re eating breakfast and getting ready, try to read something short like article or a chapter of book. This gets your brain ready to read and process information, kinda like stretching before working out. You’re about to exercise your brain so it needs to be warmed up.


5. Do a little light reading over your notes

If you're only studying now on the morning of your exam, sorry but it's a bit late. But if you did prepare in advance, take a look at your notes and skim over the main points for a refresh. Don't try to study too much though 'cause come exam time, you'll be fatigued from it all.



6. Pack snacks and water

If it's a long exam you might get breaks to eat a snack and get a drink of water. Even if you don't feel hungry or thirsty, leave the room and drink some water and have a snack like an apple or muesli bar. Chew some gum too - it can help your memory!



7. Check you have everything you need

Student ID, stationery, textbook - put these in your bag too. Bring some notes as well and maybe a book or your eReader if you arrive too early.


8. Get there early


Running for the last bus is not going to set you up for success so get in early. if you don't have assigned seats you can find the best spot, or you could use the extra time to have a last-minute toilet break or eat some food.


9. Sit down and prepare your workspace


Once you're in the exam room, prepare your workspace and do a bit of meditation. Here's a good video that shows you how to relax yourself before an exam:


Good luck!!

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