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14 Bullshit Facts You Probably Still Believe

14 Bullshit Facts You Probably Still Believe

Humans are basically walking, talking fact machines. And in this technological age we've become more and more sure what we read online is legit even though there's science that completely disproves those theories we debate with our friends at every single college party.

We have 14 bullshit facts you probably still believe, debunked by science and logic!

Bullshit fact #1. Drinking alcohol kills brain cells


Nope. That's a myth. It may make you feel like you've lost some though.

Bullshit fact #2. You use only 10% of your brain



While this might seem true for some people, you actually use 100% of your brain on a daily basis. Some more than others obviously...

Bullshit fact #3. You can only see the Great Wall of China from space

Ha, nope! You can actually see a lot of stuff from space including cities and rivers.

Bullshit fact #4. Water does spirals down the plughole in opposite directions in the northern and southern hemispheres

Advertisement! This has been debunked many times. You may think this is true when you go to Australia but it's all plumbing trickery. And no thanks to the Simpsons.

Bullshit fact #5. You lose most of your body heat through your head


This feels so true but it's not. Your head loses heat at the same rate (per square inch of skin) as any other part of your body.

Bullshit fact #6. Your fingernails and hair keep growing after you die


They stop growing actually because you decompose, leaving just a skeleton. This one never made sense to me.

Bullshit fact #7. You don’t taste different flavours with different parts of your tongue

Putting sour stuff at the back of your tongue does nothing it turns out. All areas of your tongue are capable of tasting everything you put on it.

Bullshit fact #8. Talking on your mobile phone a lot will give you cancer

An annual report from the Presidents Cancer Panel found no evidence to support the link between mobile phones and cancer. In fact, while talking on cell phones has increased by sixfold since 1991, the number of brain cancer cases has actually dropped by half.

Bullshit fact #9. A penny dropped from the Empire State Building will kill you if it hits you


Pennies are not heavy enough to gather the force necessary to hurt you, no matter what height they're thrown from.


Bullshit fact #10. Crossing your legs gives you varicose veins

Did your mam always tell you to stop crossing your legs? Well she's wrong. Crossing your legs has nothing to do with varicose veins but pregnancy, blunt force, standing a lot or genetics are common causes of varicose veins.

Bullshit fact #11. Brown eggs are better for you than white eggs


There is zero difference in the nutritional value or taste of a brown egg versus a white egg. The color of the shell is determined by the breed of chicken!

Bullshit fact #12. A duck’s quack doesn’t echo

Yes, yes it does.


Bullshit fact #13. Quicksand sucks you underground until you die


This is an invention of the movies because real quicksand would be even more buoyant than sand and we’d float to the top.


Bullshit fact #14. When you keep your toothbrush on the sink germs fly up and land on it when you flush the toilet

Yes, poo particles do get on a brush left in a bathroom but it's not a level high enough to be dangerous. Experts say it's impossible to completely avoid.


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