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How To Make 5 Deadly Meals From A €20 Food Shop

How To Make 5 Deadly Meals From A €20 Food Shop

If you're staying in Ireland for the summer or trying to save a bit of cash your food shop can make a huge difference. A lot of us buy loads of stuff we don't really need which can waste precious extra mullah. By buying a few essential ingredients you can make loads of varying meals for as cheap as chips.

So we've done a food shop for €20 and included five different meals you can make with only a few ingredients. All of these are healthy, filling and most importantly, cheap.


  • Cheddar cheese – €1.74
  • Wholemeal tortilla wraps – €1.50
  • Tomato sauce – €0.65
  • 12 Eggs – €1.99
  • Brown Rice – €1.30
  • Frozen peas – €1.60
  • Soy sauce – €0.79
  • Onions – €0.59
  • Spinach – €2.20
  • 4 Chicken fillets – €5.00
  • Olive oil – €2.29

      Total: €19.65


1. Chicken egg-fried rice


Ingredients: 1 egg, 1 chicken fillet, 1/2 onion, 1 serving of brown rice, 2 tbsp soy sauce, a handful of frozen peas,


Put on one serving of rice and cook to the package instructions, whisk up the egg in a cup. Once the rice is cooked, put some oil in a wok and sauté the onions. Throw in the peas and the egg and stir until the egg starts to harden. Throw the rice in the wok, add soy sauce and mix it all up.

2. Chicken Quesadillas

Ingredients: 2 wholemeal tortillas, 1 cooked chicken breast sliced, a handful of cheese, half a handful of spinach, 3 tbsp tomato sauce, half a cooked onion



Place 1 tortilla on a flat surface and spread with 1 and a half tablespoons of tomato sauce. Top with chicken and then sprinkle each with cheese; divide cooked onion over top. Cover with remaining tortilla and gently press down on each one.

Coat a very large nonstick skillet with cooking spray; place over medium heat. Cook quesadillas in a single layer until golden brown on bottom, about 2 minutes. Flip quesadillas and press down on them with a spatula; cook until golden on the second side.

3. Chicken Enchiladas

Ingredients: 2 tortilla wraps, a handful of cheddar cheese, tomato sauce, 1 onion,



Marinate the chicken with the chopped onion in the tomato sauce for 30 mins. Fry the chicken and onions on a medium heat until crispy. Put the chicken and onions into wraps in a baking dish, pour some bbq on top and sprinkle with cheese. Bake until the cheese has melted.

4. Cheese omelette

Ingredients: 3 eggs, handful of cheese, half an onion, handful of spinach, oil for frying



Whisk the eggs in a cup while heating up the pan with some oil. Chop up the onion and fry until golden. Throw in the eggs and spinach and fry the eggs until bubbles start to form underneath. Sprinkle on some cheese until melted.

5. Quick chicken wrap

Ingredients: 1 wholemeal tortilla, 50g of spinach, 30g cheese


Bake chicken in the oven for 30 mins. At around 25 mins sprinkle cheese on top. Place spinach in the wrap, add the cheesy chicken and wrap into a pocket.


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