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20 Things You Learn About Relationships In Your 20's

20 Things You Learn About Relationships In Your 20's

Whether you're in one, out of one or have zero interest in one, relationships play a big part in your college years. Here are our top twenty things you learn about relationships in your 20s.


1. You'll hear all the highs


Your friends in relationships will have no issue relaying every detail of their love lives to you. It'll be cute in moderation but, if they keep churning on about how much they love their partner, tell them to shut the fuck up.

2. You'll see all the lows



This is almost worse than hearing people's good news. Here's some quick advice: ONLY talk to your friends who are in relationships about your relationship. Single friends couldn't give less of a shit if he didn't reply to your last text.

3. Having decent friends is key


For when things do go horribly wrong, having a good group of friends to drown your sorrows with is very important. By the way, I mean actual human beings, not a bottle of wine and Netflix.


4. You'll think you love someone, but you don't



Realistically, you don't love someone until you actually can't see yourself being with anyone else. And whatever you do, DON'T say it unless you mean it. It's a waste of everyone's time and feelings.

5. You'll date a complete prune


In these early relationship years, you will date someone who is a complete and utter idiot. Once you notice how much of a twat they are, get rid of them ASAP. You could be out shagging someone much better. Or just sitting at home enjoying not being in this person's company.

6. You'll have the best sex, probably of your life



You're at the peak of your physical fitness age-wise, so you're unlikely to get any better-looking. Make the most of it and buy some naughty underwear to treat your special someone. It'll make you feel amazing and the fact that you barely have any commitments in your 20s means you can have sex all day and night.


7. You will fancy your best mate's crush


You're both flirting with the same guy... and now you want to ride him. However, he looks like he's more interested in your mate. Take some advice: Save the time and pick a different target. It's not worth resenting your mate over it.


8. You'll find the weirdest people attractive


Everyone is a victim to this. You may have been single for a good while but, unless you think getting with this person is gonna seriously improve your life, don't bother. Otherwise, you will seriously regret it when you look back on it!

9. You can act like a slut and get away with it


Sure why not? You're young, hot and single. Just be careful not to get infected. Even the most gorgeous people can have STIs.


10. Cheaters will get caught


You will. I did.


11. Farting in front of your partner is totally ok



Once you've reached this level in your relationship, you're sorted. Your man will automatically relax as his life has now been made far, far more comfortable.

12. Someone in your friend group will shack up with a mate


It happens in almost every friendship group. It can either go really well or appallingly badly. If this applies to you, make sure you really like this person. Otherwise, you may end up losing a boyfriend AND a group of friends.

13. You'll think you're the new cat lady of 2015



If you're single for a considerable period of time at any stage during your 20s, you'll start to fear that life as a couple for you is well and truly over. Have no fear, even the loneliest people will find someone to melt their heart. And who gives a shit if it's a cat.


14. A penis/vagina will scare you


In your 20s, you're still finding your way around the human anatomy. Some people's private parts may look a little different and scare you slightly. Word of advice: Do not look alarmed, you may offend them... just don't call them back.

15. You'll be the needy one at some point



Even if you think you're the coolest person in the world, someone you fancy will definitely make you feel vulnerable and needy. Embrace this knock to your ego and roll with it.

16. They can get serious


True Story. If you reach the one-year milestone, evaluate your relationship and see if this really is someone you can see yourself spending a lot of time with. If they aren't fitting the bill, ditch that shit.

17. There's more to a relationship than sex



If you go into a relationship just for the sex, you've got the wrong end of the stick. You have to be there to support your partner and get through the hard times. If this doesn't sound like your scene, don't bother with the hassle of a relationship.

18. Relationships are expensive


Whether you're male or female, being in a relationship costs money. You're essentially buying two of everything, especially if you livebetween yours and your partner's house - splitting dinner costs etc. If you don't have a wallet full of dolla, best not to go for a seriously high maintenance partner.

19. You need time on your own



Even if you're madly in love, it's very important to have some time to yourself. It's good to relax and it also makes you more appreciative of your partner.

20. Fighting is ok... if it involves makeup sex


Every relationship will involve some small fights. If they start becoming more regular and intense, it's time to take a step back. Some people love fighting in relationships, purely for the makeup sex. But for most people, even sex isn't worth fighting for.


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