Youtube & Chill: 7 Cheap Date Ideas for Broke Students

Here we are again, providing a vital service to the destitute romantics of the college world. Don't fret about the fancy restaurants, expensive cocktail bars and cinemas that charge €76 for butter on your popcorn. Here are some date ideas to impress her without breaking a sweat or the bank:

1) Actual Youtube and Chill

Because we can't all afford Netflix and your roommates or family might not all be kind enough to share a password with you. Maybe not Youtube itself but there are plenty of free movie streaming sites that will provide good quality links to whatever TV shows or films you want to watch, like http://projectfreetv.so/. If you're hoping to get some sexy time out of it, set the mood with candles and/or nice fairy lights. If you have a fireplace, light a fire there AND in her heart.

2) Open-Air Cinemas

Throughout the summer and the early weeks of autumn, there are open-air cinemas around Dublin. On the cheap, it's €5 admission. Bring your blankets when the evenings start getting nippy. Romantic AF. Something you could even do in your own back garden if you can get your hands on a projector, an extension lead and an outdoor wood burner.

3) The Hideout, South William Street.

Perfect for a bit of a laugh when you don't want to just sit around or get something to eat. You'll get a pool table for an hour and a half for €10, BYOB for the price of cans + €2.50 corkage fee. Especially sappy and cute if she doesn't know how to play, and you can show her, like in the movies. Or just get pissed and laugh at how bad at pool you both are.

4) Dublin Zoo, Phoenix Park

Slightly pricier but still cheap if you make a lovely little picnic to bring along. €13 for student admission, just gorgeous on a sunny summer day.

5) Farmleigh Markets, Phoenix Park

Farmleigh House in the Park runs farmer's markets on Sundays through September to December. Perfect for the 30 year-old couple you aspire to be. The Christmas markets are especially warm and inviting; entertainment is provided by choirs and an old-timey barbershop quartet. If it snows, she might just marry you.

6) Ice-Skating

Another one for when the winter nights draw in. Get your skates on and slide right into her heart (and pants). €11.70 off-peak in the RDS this December, hold hands while you skate and cuddle and keep warm with some hot chocolate after. Or a little hot whiskey if you have some cash left over after. N'AWWWWWWH.

7) Snakey

If all else fails, there is positively nothing wrong with recreating your schooldays with bae and sneaking off to have a little smooch. It costs nothing and there's an added thrill of trying not to get caught. Just a smooch, yiz filthy so 'n so's, no need to get caught with your pants down anywhere slightly public.

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