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24 Little Things Guys Can Do That Girls Absolutely Adore

Men and women have a unique sort of relationship. We’re two halves of a whole, but each side is extremely different. We’re compatible and incompatible all at once. Our relationships leave us feeling happy, frustrated, delighted, ecstatic, angry and just plain emotionally overwhelmed. There are plenty of overdone, washed out ways to make your girlfriend feel safe and secure in your relationship, but it’s really the smallest, simplest gestures that are actually the most noteworthy. Here are a few of the things that will melt your girlfriends heart.

1. Tell her how cute she is in the morning

Even if she looks completely smudged and swollen, you know she’s still the cutest thing in the world.

2. Take her opinion into consideration

If you actually consider her advice (and take it), as opposed to just hearing her out and completely disregarding what she says, it will go a long way.

3. Let her take you shopping

You don’t have to wear something she likes if you hate it; just buying a shirt she loves on you will be enough.

4. Tell her how important she is to you

Tell her often. It makes her feel secure, and sometimes we girls need that.

5. Offer a free massage

It’s a simple, intimate act that will let her know you care about how stressful her life can get and want to help.

6. Don’t be afraid to be “emotional"

No one is saying you should break down and cry all the time, but it takes a real man to be straightforward about how he’s feeling.

7. Tell her stories from your childhood

Hearing about your past will make her feel like you’re letting her into a world very few have access to. This will make her feel connected to you because it means you trust her.

8. Rub her a lot

…In a non-sexual way. We just love to be rubbed and snuggled.

9. When it comes to grooming, appease her

If she hates your beard, would it really kill you to shave it? If she loves a beard, would it be so hard to grow one? Genetics aside, she’s the one who is looking at you and having sex with you, after all.

10. Show her the amount of PDA she wants

If she’s not super into it, don’t kiss her neck on that park bench. If she’s into a little hand holding, take her hand. Don’t make her feel rejected but don’t make her feel uncomfortable. She should feel like you’re proud of her and want the world to know.

11. Tell her she’s your best friend

There is nothing more wonderful than dating your best friend.

12. Get weird with her in the bedroom

Indulge her fantasies, and she’ll indulge yours. If you can get freaky in the sheets, it shows how much confidence you have in each other.

13. Tell her you want her to meet your family

And bring her to dinner the next time they come to town. It will show her you see a future together.

14. Put your hand in her back pocket

It’s little, playful gestures like this that make her feel sexy.

15. Take her to a wedding

She will feel like a part of your family and world even more than she already does.

16. Leave her a note on the fridge when you have to head out early

Whether it’s just for work or a longer business trip, let her know she’s the first thing on your mind when you wake up.

17. Kiss her on the forehead

It’s the most tender of gestures that really makes a girl weak in the knees.

18. Give her a key to your place

Literally give her access to your home and heart. The key is the KEY to trust.

19. Kiss her hand

She may be into her independence, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still be a gentleman. A kiss on the hand will show her how much you value her, how precious she is.

20. Encourage her to leave things at your apartment

A girl is always going to be hesitant about “invading” your space and scaring you away. Let her know if she wants to leave a hairbrush and a toothbrush, she’s not only welcome to do so, but you want her to do so.

21. Tell her how sexy she is

Women have off days, days when we just feel like the foulest creatures on the planet. Even though you see her all the time, be sure to make the effort to tell her how sexy she is. We need to hear it.

22. Don’t be afraid to do goofy, embarrassing things in front of her

Trust me: It’s so endearing when you act like a freak. We love it.

23. Do a favour for one of her friends

When you love a girl, you have to get in with her friends. Be a first-responder the minute one of them needs a helping hand.

24. Let her baby you a little

We’re females, so we’re naturally nurturing. She’ll think it’s sweet when you need her to rub your belly because you ate that fourth slice of pizza, and she’ll love being able to nurse you back to health when you’re sick. Your softer side is always appreciated.

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