16 Things That Make Guys More Attractive

Okay so a lot guys are already attractive anyway, it's not like they need a whole lot of help. But there are a few things that can instantly turn heads. What, you might ask, are the things that make a guy so undeniably attractive?

1) When in doubt, SUIT UP.

All the suits. Forever. Amen.

2) Loosen those ties just a bit and we're gone.
3) Nice shoes...i.e. Non trainers.
4) When they're actually willing to dance.

5) When they wear aftershave that smells really fucking good.
6) When they hold babies.

Don't even pretend you don't find this attractive.

7) Or puppies. Or kittens...or bunnies. Basically any cute animal will do the trick.
8) When he's fresh out the shower.
9. When they wear those beanie hats and their hair sticks out of them, and it's just all too much.
10. When they take their shirts off. Especially if they look like Mr. Gosling.

11. Jeans that ACTUALLY fit well.
12. Giving a pregnant woman or an elderly lady his seat on public transport. Heart hurts.
13. Accents. We can't even.

14. Saying your name, like out loud, when you least expect it. Effing powerful.
15. The hand-on-the-girl's-lower-back move they do when you're walking. Sexy as hell.
16. When they run their hands through their hair in frustration or deep thought.


Sorcha Tyndall
Article written by
Sorcha loves everything HBO, Wes Anderson and Harry Potter related. Tina Fey is her dream woman and she believes Hillary Clinton should run the world.

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