10 Simple Things Girls Will Never Understand About Guys...

There are just some things that guys do that us girls will never be able to get our heads around. No matter how hard we try, it’s never going to happen. We think that as women we should be able to use our incredible intuition to solve this problem but no, the answer is always no. The things we would do to know what goes on in the male mind.....

1) Emotions are kept bottled up.

I for one, have always wondered why guys can’t express their emotions properly. I don't know if it’s their hormones or society brainwashing them into believing they should be that way, but the difference between how males and females express emotions is miles apart. A girl could sob her eyes out for hours with her best friends Ben & Jerry. A guy, on the other hand, just proceeds to look hardy and burrow those tears deep down and then the result is anger and lots of it too. We all know that you really are soft as butter, so stop trying to hide it.

2) Why shopping seems like a chore to them.

There's nothing better than buying a pair of shoes that you've had your eye on for weeks. Girls can spend endless hours getting lost in Forever 21 or drowning in happiness walking through River Island. But then you see the tired boyfriend, the fed up brother and the impatient father standing outside the shops waiting to load the bags into the car and just go home. Not a trace of joy anywhere to be seen.

3) The obsession with watching every sporting event.

You’re not a fan of women’s beach volleyball so why are you watching it? Yes, I know you're trying to support the cricket team in the World Cup, but we all know you're just trying to jump on the bandwagon. Once you've seen 90 minutes of a team of men kicking around a ball, you’ve seen them all I reckon. Well, more or less.

4) When we say we're 'fine', we more than likely aren’t.

By now when a girl says ‘I'M FINE’ and storms out the room, it most definitely means that she is the furthest thing away from being fine. A guy's ability to know when something is wrong with a girl is laughable at the best of times. Most time ‘I’m OK’ means ‘I’m not ok and say sorry to me now’. It’s really not that hard.

5) Going for the girl you know will break your heart to pieces.

We warned you that she'll cheat on you and break your heart, but did you listen? Next time just listen.

6) Why do they get awkward when the word ‘period’ is mentioned?

It’s natural, a vital part of procreation. Yet most guys will act like it doesn't exist. Get over it.

7) When they act like they know what you're talking about.

Try having a conversation with a guy and you'll know by looking at him if his mind is a million miles away, completely zoned out. He’ll just keep nodding his head without uttering a word until you stop talking. Then, without a care in the world he’ll just smile and pretend he knew what you were talking about all along.

8) They don’t understand why girls can be so jealous.

‘I was only talking to her why are you being so paranoid. We’re just friends.’ This will get you nowhere. Quit while you’re ahead and don't make her jealous if at all possible.

9) How lads behave on nights outs.

The chanting, the need to out-drink one another, the rough dancing and there's always one who feels the need to get half-naked on the dance floor. Why, just why? It’s like watching a group of wild animals interacting with each other.

10) The obsession with boobs.

They’re just lumps of fat on a woman’s chest. Your sister has them, your mother has them. I don’t get it. My case is closed people!

Aine Delahunt

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