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6 Signs You Have Chemistry With Someone

There are many ways of determining if you have chemistry with someone. For me, if I feel something...more, I tend to either clam up and say nothing in case I ruin it, or I just can't stop smiling like a big fool whenever we make eye-contact. So, here you go! Here are the signs to look out for:

1. Sometimes They Seem To Actively Avoid Being Alone With You...Like, Noticeably Avoid It...

Did I just shart myself or something? Is there something in my teeth? What is it? Oh, you're seriously vibing off of me and you don't want to ruin it by doing something silly like, oh... I don't know... Actually admitting to it face-to-face? #awkwardandnervousatthesametime

2. You Both Helplessly Smile Like Crazy When You Make Eye-Contact... Just Like I'd Do!

Both of you just pop into huge shit-eating grins the moment you see each other. Its impossible not to...

3. When You're Together, It Seems So Effortless... It's Not Forced In Any Way.

You just vibe off of each other. Like, it's crazy good.


4. It Feels Like The Two Of You Are Thinking About Each Other All The Time.

I mean, even if you can't prove that he really is thinking about you as much as well, it just feels like he is, you see what I'm sayin'?!

5. ...And The Two Of You Just Seem To Be Drawn To Each Other.

Whether it's a night out, or just in a group of friends, you always end up beside each other. Even if its just chatting or majorly flirting, you just can't keep away from each other!

6. The Two Of You Can just Shut-The-Fuck-Up Around Each Other.

... And it's not the case that you have nothing to talk about, or that they're boring... It just feels right with them... A 'Comfortable Silence'...


Stephen Brennan

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