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The 20-Minute Workout You Can Do Before Your Exam To Get You Pumped

The 20-Minute Workout You Can Do Before Your Exam To Get You Pumped

The last thing you might want to do before you sit an exam is get the runners out of your gym bag but get this: studies have proven that exercise gives you the clarity and inspiration you'll need during your exam. Here are the best exercises and tips you can do for your exam workout! Pick four of these workouts and do five minutes of each. Stick your tunes on and get ready to get those brain juices flowing:


Find the nearest stairwell in the exam hall or at home and do 5 minutes of steps.

Press ups

If it's a sunny day do some press ups in the grass outside the exam hall, so long as it's not Trinity 'cause we all know how they feel about their grass. If you can't find a place do some stand-ups against a wall.




Get some friends and do a few laps outside the exam hall. If it's raining find an indoor space where you won't be kicked out for running around and causing havoc. Your safest bet is to do this while you're at home and use your entire street to run up and down like a maniac - it's exam time after all.


Skip rope


The easiest thing you can carry is a skipping rope. Buy a cheap one in Dealz and make time to do some skipping before the exam. Get your friends involved and make a game out of it. If anything it's a distraction from the uncertain doom your exam.

Jumping Jacks

Stick on the speakers and get some friends to join in. If it's too embarrassing to do on your own save it for home time.



Lunges can be done pretty much anywhere. Mix it up with the backward lunge. Here's an expert level tutorial on how to do the perfect lunge:




Make a playlist first. That's always easier than getting off the couch. 


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