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You Won't Believe How Much Money Coppers Makes In A Week

You Won't Believe How Much Money Coppers Makes In A Week

Everyone has been to Coppers at some stage in their life.

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It attracts Gardaí, nurses and culchies from far and wide, and is a rite of passage in the Dublin clubbing scene. It's pretty much guaranteed to be packed every night of the week but did you ever wonder how much money Coppers make?

Well, we can reveal that Coppers make €97,657 per week, which amounts to a whopping €5 million a year, according to the Irish Independent.

The nightclub located on Harcourt Street, is by far the most popular nightclub in Dublin, with profits soaring this year. They can thank the Dubs winning the All-Ireland Football Final for catapulting the nightclub to record profits.

Anyone who's been to Coppers will tell you how huge it is, with a cocktail bar, two covered beer gardens, a cocktail bar and a premium VIP level for private events and parties.


Coppers employ 195 people and its owners Cathal and Paula Jackson, took in a whopping €611,786 in pay last year.

The rumours can be officially confirmed, Coppers will be open forever.


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