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Update: How To Send Other People's Snaps On Snapchat

Update: How To Send Other People's Snaps On Snapchat

Snapchat is by far the most popular app on the market. It's constantly entertaining people with new filters, weather updates and silly screenshots. The app has brought around some cool new changes with the latest update and we couldn't be more excited. A lot of people have noticed one big change and are wondering how to send other people's snaps on Snapchat. We've got the lowdown on the new feature.

1. Save other people's snaps

The first update allows you to actually save and send other people's snaps directly on the app through the chat feature. You can access this feature by holding down on snap that was either sent to you or that you've seen on someone's story, and directly share it with someone else.

It basically means you no longer have to screenshot someone's snap and from there send it, you can now do it all through the app itself. The picture appears in the person you're sending it to's chat, so it's easy and convenient for them to reply.

2. Back Camera Filters

The second and most notable change is the new 'World Lenses' feature. It adds an augmented-reality effect to your back camera rather than the front one. This means you no longer need face recognition in order to access these effects. The few that you can access for the time being include a love heart filter as well as an option that makes it look like it's snowing, wherever you are.



3. Go backwards in a click

Finally, the third feature updated by the app for iOS users, is that you can tap the left-hand sign of the screen to navigate backwards. It means you no longer have to cancel the snap if you want to go backwards, success.

Overall, it looks like the new update is class and will have people more distracted than ever.

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