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Instagram And Snapchat Have Both Added Some Addictive New Features

Instagram And Snapchat Have Both Added Some Addictive New Features

I think it's no secret that Instagram has been overtaking Snapchat recently. Especially with the news of a new Instagram stories feature that is set to blow Snapchat out of the water.

First up is location-based stories, which similar to Snapchat, lets you add a location sticker to your story. From there, you can now add it to a larger story which everyone on Instagram will be able to view. As well as that, once you click on the location sticker you'll be taken to a page full of posts from the same location.

The next cool feature is being able to hashtag your stories. From here, you can check out other people's stories with the same hashtag. Only accounts set to public can use this feature of course.

Snapchat however, has just launched a group stories feature. How it works is multiple users can add photos and videos to the same 'Story', which will disappear after 24 hours. From here, Snapchatters can add people by their username to add content to the story.

You can find it by swiping to the stories page, clicking on "Create Story" tab on the top-right and choosing a name for your group story. However, you have to keep the group going as if no one posts to it for more than 24 hours, the group will disappear. This, of course, is to keep us interested in using the app as much as possible.


Who will win the battle of the apps? We have a hunch it's going to be Instagram.

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