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How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos Every Single Time

How To Take Perfect Instagram Photos Every Single Time

In this day and age, taking the perfect Instagram photo is more important than passing your summer exams. Well, maybe not entirely as important, but it's pretty high up on people's priorities list.

If you scroll longingly at your phone screen trying to figure out how your favourite Instagram stars take the perfect snap, we've decided to help you out. By implementing some of these methods such as the right app, angles and borders, you can too, take the perfect Instagram shot.

So roll up, and prepare for the likes to come in.

 1. Use Vscocam

This is the app all hipsters use to create that perfect photo. It has filters normal Instagram doesn't and will give you a serious edge.

Good morning! Time to go to work!

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2. Don't take your photos using Instagram app

The app restricts you in terms of taking photos. It doesn't allow you to zoom in, so using your phone camera will ultimately allow you to frame photos better.

3. Follow the rule of thirds

This photography technique involves you splitting your photo into three horizontal and vertical sections and place the subject along the horizontal lines.


I'm such a "look at the sunset," "look at the moon," "listen to this song" type of person.

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4. Take lots of photos

You're never going to get that perfect shot the first time. Taking a good few shots at different angles, and with different filters can make all the difference.


5. Find contrasting landscapes

Taking that photo of your monochrome outfit against a bright coloured background works as a result of the contrasting landscape. It's the difference between a few, and a lot of likes.

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