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Penney's Mens Best Bits: Toiletries, Festival And Gym Gear

Penney's Mens Best Bits: Toiletries, Festival And Gym Gear

I had a little creep around Penney's today (and got chatted up in the process. Totes awks). I found some pretty cool bits for guys from everyday cosmetics to festivals and for the gym. I'm glad I had no money on me cause I'd be broke. Here are some of Penney's men's best bits at the moment.

Cosmetic bits

Face masks are a must have for anybody and lads we need them just as much as the girls do. Penney's have a mud mask for oily types and avocado for drier skin types. The face masks are ONLY 1 euro. The nose strips are amazing for those pesky black heads that keep popping up. The face serum and face wash look class. Treat yourself.


Hair stuff and some tools to fix your bits and bobs 

Penney's have a great range of toiletries like hair gel and shampoo but their own range is pretty impressive. I really want that cuticle thing.



Gym and workout bits

Handy containers, towels, joggers and hats. All the stuff you need to keep those new year's resolutions going strong.


Festival and summer bits 

Quirky rain coats ('cause everyone wants to pretend they're at an amusement park about to get drenched), beanies for 2 euro, cool bags and bandanas, a must have for everyone this summer, €2.50.



Hopefully they have your size.



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