Top Tips To Whiten Your Teeth With Stuff You Have Laying Around The House

Top Tips To Whiten Your Teeth With Stuff You Have Laying Around The House

I don't know about you but I want whiter teeth. I want my teeth to be so bright insects will gather at my feet and build a shrine to the light that they offer. Are you curious about whitening your teeth but scared of some of the chemicals that are in teeth whitening products? If so here's some top tips to whiten teeth naturally with stuff you have laying around the house and saving you some cash as well.

Baking soda - Gas craic. 


Take some baking soda and make it into a paste. Make sure the paste is of a fine consistency and apply it to your toothbrush. Take your toothbrush... you know what to do!

Coconut oil - strange but simple. 




Everyone has some coconut oil hanging around the kitchen. Known in the beauty world as "coconut oil pulling" it's one tip I've tried. Pop a tablespoon of coconut oil into your mouth and swoosh it around for 15 minutes (I lasted 5) and then spit it out. I wouldn't recommend swallowing (wahey!). I noticed a difference afterwards. Apparently coconut oil works great as a hair treatment and moisturiser! Buy a large tub and go mental.

Apple cider vinegar - YUM! 



Take a cloth and dab it with apple cider vinegar. Rub the cloth with the vinegar against your teeth. Immediately after that wash the taste away.

The peel of an orange or lemon - really though?


Take the inside of the peel. Shove it in your mouth and recreate that classic citrus smile. Rub the peel against your teeth and make it sparkle.



Charcoal (the soot from your fire?)



Charcoal has been doing the rounds as an essential in beauty products. It's a natural absorbent which helps to remove plaque. Buy some charcoal powder and mix it up with some water and apply like toothpaste. Repeat two or three times a week. Best not to use if you have any crowns.

Strawberries - Gorge.



Simply mush up a few strawberries and rub them onto your teeth. Wash them out of your mouth or swallow. I'd swallow.


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Garret Farrell

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