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Signs That Your Boyfriend Is An Asshole In Disguise

Everyone says that nice guys finish last, there are some guys that act nice on the outside, but on the inside are really just an asshole. They are always trying to keep up this facade, but sooner or later you will realise their true intentions. Here are the signs that your boyfriend is an asshole in disguise.

13) They act differently around you when they're with other people

They could be the sweetest and most generous boyfriend one minute and then when they're with their friends they act 12 years old. If he changes how he act towards you when you're with other people, he has his own agenda and is ingenuine

12) He always says that he is too "busy"

We all get swamped from time to time, but if this becomes commonplace, he clearly doesn't value your time. If he actually cares about you then he will make time to see you, no matter how busy he is. It's always easy to dress things up as being busyrather than telling the truth.

11) There is always an excuse for why they can't pay

"I'm getting paid at the end of the week, so I'll pay you back", most of the time they never do and if they do it's way too late. Guy's shouldn't always have to pay for the meal, but they should at least do it every now and again to be courteous.


10) If they're always just "joking"

There is nothing wrong with playful teasing, but when if it seems like they are always trying to put a veil over everything they say, they could just be an asshole. If he really cared he would know when he is crossing the line, if he's an asshole in disguise he'll just say things without worrying about the consequences.

9) It takes forever for them to text you back

When you ask them why they didn't text you back they always say that they forgot. From time to time they do, but if you seem to always be waiting for them to reply, you're clearly not their priority.

8) They don't want to make things official

They say that they just need some time and not to rush into anything. If this is going on for a month, then he is clearly taking advantage of you. If he doesn't want to commit then he shouldn't be in a relationship and he is getting all the benefits of being in a relationship without being in one.


7) He cares way too much about how he looks

There is nothing wrong with a guy taking care of himself, especially if he is in a relationship. If all he cares about is how he looks it means his vision is skewed. If he always seems to be at the gym and not with you, then he is making the effort for no reason.

6) He zones out on conversations way too much

Guys do have a tendency to zone out in conversations with women from time to time, it's just one of those thingsIf he always seems to be checking his phone when you're talking to him or clearly isn't listening he's not really invested in you.

5) They pretend to like your friends

You're not going to get on with everyone, but if he clearly has no intention of getting to know your friends he is not making an effort. They might act like they're really getting on with them, but then tell you that they don't like them. It seems to be the same with most of your friends so the problem is clearly him.


4) It's always what THEY want to do

They always suggest what they want to do and never give you a chance to decide. They won't put down your suggestion they just give a reason to do what they want to do. "It will be fun, trust me", it may seem innocent, but really they are only thinking about themselves.

3) It's never their fault

If you are having an argument they will always turn everything back on you,  so they aren't made out to be the bad guy. They will always have an excuse and never take the blame for doing something even when they're in the wrong.

2) They never remember those important dates

In all fairness, it seems like there are anniversaries for every little thing nowadays, but if they can't remember when you first met they have got their priorities wrong. Guys aren't the best at remembering dates, but if he forgets about Valentine's Day he is clearly a terrible boyfriend.

1) He is selfish in bed

There is nothing wrong with a guy taking control in the bedroom, but if it's all for him and nothing for her then it's not mutual. If he's selfish in the bedroom and it's only what he wants to do, then you're dating the wrong guy.

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